Test, Test, Test. 

Test Test Test. That was the advice of the WHO. In UK the government only allows to test the cases that are in hospital – which means, according to the policy (and advice given to citizens via the 111 hotline which all healthworkers advise patients to use) they will ONLY test those who already have symptoms, as a consequence self isolated themselves for 14 days and then were too ill to carry on on their own and needed a ventilator. So myself who have adult onset asthma and needed 9 days continuous hospitalisation as well as a whole night on a ventilator and not a case worth testing. I need to not be able to breath anymore before they test. This is appalling. Let us know if you have similar thought (e.g. in the reply to this post box.)

~ by Robbert Ruigrok on March 20, 2020.

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