02 CV RR


1982 – 1988 State University of Gent (Belgium), Higher Institute for Art History and Archaeology: MA (Licentiate) in Art History and Archaeology. Graduate diploma: ‘Distinction’. Subjects:

– History of Fine Arts in Europe and Contemporary Art

– History of Fine Arts in the Netherlands; Iconology; History of Miniature Art

– Historical Criticism and Applications to the Period of the Middle Ages

– History of Architecture; ‘Monument Care’ (theory of architectural conservation)

– Art History and Archaeology of South-east Asia

– Ethnology, Anthropology, Psychology and Art History, Art Philosophy

– Thesis: ‘The Marian Halo and Related Signs of Beatitude in 15th Century Netherlandish Panel Paintings.’, Ghent, 1988.

1985-1988 State University of Gent (Belgium): Teaching Qualification (for Secondary Level) for Art History and Aesthetics. Graduate diploma: ‘Sufficiency’. Subjects:

– Didactics of Art History and Aesthetics

– General Didactics

– Adolescence Psychology

– Empirical Pedagogy

– History of Education.

1978-1982 Higher Institute for Fine Arts Saint Luke, Gent (Belgium): Higher Art Education (MFA). Graduate diploma: ‘with High Distinction’ (80%). Subjects:

– Didactics of Art History and Aesthetics

– Life Drawing, Anatomy

– Lithography, Etching

– Painting, Technolgy of painting, restoration

– Psychology of Art, Philosophy

1978-1980 Royal Academy of Fine Arts , Gent (Belgium): Higher Art Education.

Certificate. Subject: Life Drawing.

1968-1980 Royal Academy of the Art of Drawing, Painting and Architecture, Oudenaarde (Belgium). Certificates. Subjects:

– Foundation Courses

– Etching

– Photography

Robbert Ruigrok, Selfportrait, 1979. Drypoint.


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